Let me share my solution with you

As mother’s day approaches, it makes me think about information a dear midwife friend gave me several years ago. She said mothers love their children more than the children love the parent to allow the child to break free and become independent.I was discussing my upset at not hearing from […]

Persistance finds Solutions

I have found the solution to challenges in my life around the internet. It is persistence and acceptance.  I can become anxious as I try to do something new on my computer and rush to end my discomfort  make mistakes which,adds to my belief that I can’t do it.I have […]

Are Santa’s little elves stressed?

Are you stressed, anxious lonely or depressed this Christmas? Is time  running out to get your presents?, Have you too much on your hands. What is causing your stress? As I  think of  buying my family Christmas presents I can feel stressed.  Is time running out, will I get them […]

Faster EFT for Health

This month I have a therapy offer for men as the focus is on the Movember movement and men’s health. It is the month when men grow moustaches to support awareness of testicular cancer and depression in particular. I have been involved in healthcare orthodox and complementary  for many years. […]

Hypno and FasterEFT combination Therapy

October – the month to focus on a healthier and happier you Stoptober is about quitting smoking. It takes me back to when I stopped smoking many moons ago, the whys and hows… Today I support people to quit behaviour they no longer want or need in their lives through […]

Great Night at the Trimley Welcome Hall

I regularly attend the Spiritual Awareness Evenings at The Trimley Welcome Hall, Trimley St Mary. I offer Reflexology and Reiki Healing taster sessions in return for a donation to local charities. There are a wide variety of stalls including crafts, healers and card reader, and it is a non-profit making […]