Discover How to Tap into Your Inner Therapist

I’m working towards be more selfish and reducing selflessness at the moment.That may seem like the wrong way round to you so let me explain what I mean and how I am changing.Read on and find out how you can change your mind and become healthier, happier and at peace with yourself

I have been in the “caring profession” all my working life, in various  general and mental health nursing roles, I have also been a therapist for many years. I have learnt skills to assist and support people to  recover and  heal BUT I learnt to  put others before myself therefore I learnt not to care for me adequately.

As a child my parents loving taught me, not to be selfish, they taught me to be generous and kind, to care for others and to show that through actions.What I failed to grasp was that I needed to put myself first in line for these things,and give when I had reserves, not give until I was depleted.As a wife and mother I put myself at the back of the queue behind the dog and cat usually, making sure others needs and wants were met.As a therapist I focussed on my clients, hope to encourage them to heal Inside I would think ” What about me”, but I had learnt being selfish was wrong, negative and not appropriate, so I continued until I discovered “Tapping”

I learnt TFT and EFT  in the mid 90’s but while searching on Youtube I came across a man called Robert Smith doing something called FasterEFT. I watched and watched.Something inside me said this is for ME.I have studied it in Athens, workshops in London and a home study course.I have  “swap” sessions on a weekly basis .with other practitioners across UK and USA to maintain my skills.

Faster EFT is a combination of techniques including Neuro Linguistic Programming, TAT, TFT and EFT and others to create an effective system that helps to change how you percieve memories, traumas and past events

It works on the premise that we are all born into this world into circumstances that we learn from, and from that information we view the world. Our perception is learnt..The biggest controller in our lives is avoidance of pain, and what we percieve to be pain. Our bodies become out of balance by mirroring our emotional experiences,fears,beliefs and attitudes as we try to avoid it.

I have avoided pain in various ways  during my life, by keeping busy, busy, busy, overeating and various unhealthy attitudes and beliefs but now I am choosing to use FasterEFT to change my mind and work  towards a happier, healthier, content life.

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