Faster EFT for Health

This month I have a therapy offer for men as the focus is on the Movember movement and men’s health.

It is the month when men grow moustaches to support awareness of testicular cancer and depression in particular.

I have been involved in healthcare orthodox and complementary  for many years. I have cared for men as patients in hospitals, as relatives of patients in hospital and as clients when doing therapeutic work. I have male clients coming to see me with stress, anxiety, depression and physical symptoms.

Reflexology is an important therapy to assist in physical relaxation. This relaxation can alleviate heart symptoms, high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction among other issues. This wonderful therapy usually performed on the feet lasts approximately 45 minutes, has no side effects usually and is non invasive. Reflexology can also be performed on the hands and I usually show clients what areas to work on their hands in between sessions to assist in their healing.

Reiki is a type of hands on healing system which I use to activate self healing in a client. I love teaching this modality to empower people to take charge of their own healing journey. Everyone can heal, a desire to do so is all that is needed.

FasterEFT is a powerful thinking system to allow transformation of  thinking and  make peace with the past. It works to change  negative thoughts around  memories therefore easing depression for example. It was created by Robert Smith who put together various modalities including EFT, TAT and NLP. I use FasterEFT to change negative thoughts that I have around situations. For example if I am frustrated or angry about someone’s behaviour at work I tap on my anger as I am aware I cannot change anyone, only my reaction to them, therefore changing how I feel. This is the acid test for me, as to whether I use a therapy with clients or not. If I use it on myself successfully I will then use it for client. I believe in Reflexology, I have seen amazing results,as with Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Faster EFT .

If you would like to make an appointment to address any issues please call or email.

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