Persistance finds Solutions

I have found the solution to challenges in my life around the internet. It is persistence and acceptance.  I can become anxious as I try to do something new on my computer and rush to end my discomfort  make mistakes which,adds to my belief that I can’t do it.I have been working on myself and my limiting beliefs around making mistakes and being criticisied, especially by myself.

What challenges have you got in your life?

Thanks to fastereft, I am tapping away my fears and have persisted with my goal of using a photo I have taken and adding text to it. Achieved! Next I wanted to use a nice picture to advertise my business. Again I have achieved. Several times I put posters on facebook without the correct text or wrong size. Miraculously I accepted the mistake without expecting the sky to fall in and attempted it again.

Such joy in accepting myself with all my flaws and abilities.Such freedom. What do you want freedom from? Depression? Anxiety? Past traumas? Are you read to free yourself from those limitatios

.I have solutions that can help.

If I can inspire you in anyway please email me to book an appointment

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