Evidence of reflexology can be traced back to ancient Egypt on a wall painting in the “physician’s tomb” around 2330 BC. The history of modern reflexology  starts in 1902 with a  Dr Fitzgerald from Boston. He had worked in London in an ENT Hospital where he learned about Zone Therapy, using pressure mainly on the hands. It wasn’t until the 1930’s when Eunice Ingham started to map the feet that modern reflexology was born.

Reflexologists believe that reflex areas in the feet and hands correspond to all parts of the body including organs and glands. A session can relieve stress, tension, promote natural healing and balance. By applying pressure to the feet or hands by the unique reflexology wiggle any blocks to wellness are broken down.

A session last approximately an hour following a full medical history. The pressure on the feet is strong enough not to be tickly and soft enough not to cause undue pain.  Both the sole and top of the feet are worked with cream applied for lubrication. Anyone can benefit from a treatment, old or young, and with any condition, there are no major side effects, occasionally and infection, like a cold may appear to be worse for a day as it speeds up the healing process. This is a wonderful therapy that I have been practising since 1989.