Are Santa’s little elves stressed?

Are you stressed, anxious lonely or depressed this Christmas?

Is time  running out to get your presents?, Have you too much on your hands. What is causing your stress?

As I  think of  buying my family Christmas presents I can feel stressed.  Is time running out, will I get them on time. Also can I get them ordered on line, will I remember my password ?

Has this happened to you? Is it happening now?

The more we stress the less focussed we become as beliefs and programmes kick in, I can go into freeze mode. You may go into it too or fight or flight mode. When we have negativity thoughts we may not be able to act in our usual organised methodical way. Jobs that were easy become difficult and stressful.

Now, I choose to focus on the positives in my life by writing a Happy Journal. I have just got a special new one for the New Year. A notebook will do, or a positive memory box. Something that you consciously focus on daily. Write in your journal the good things that happened to you today, keep treasured cards or even print off nice emails and save them. Whatever feels right for you, but by setting the intention and taking action each day, you form a habit that assists you to be grateful.

Another area I focus on is Tapping. Using FasterEFT on a daily basis helps to clear blocks to happiness abundance and success, leading to a stress free life.

Go to for more information on how to tap.

If you need help to clear any emotional or physical challenges, relationship or money issues I have a clinic in Suffolk UK or can offer a session on Skype. Please contact me by email to book an appointment.

I wish you all a peaceful and contented Christmas!


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