Hypno and FasterEFT combination Therapy

October – the month to focus on a healthier and happier you

Stoptober is about quitting smoking. It takes me back to when I stopped smoking many moons ago, the whys and hows…

Today I support people to quit behaviour they no longer want or need in their lives through hypnotherapy tapping used in FasterEFT, and many other tools I have learned along the way.

Back then I did not have the self awareness I have today and I stopped as the results of smoking were affecting my physical health.

I started smoking to feel mature, be part of the gang and to be a rebel. Being a rebel was very important to me as I got attention when I did naughty or outrageous things.

I smoked when I was bored,stressed or lonely.

After starting smoking I thought it relaxed me, I needed it and I was addicted.

I tried to stop many times, used food instead, or wine, trying to change my behaviour.

Eventually I was successful. I created new coping skills to divert attention from my feelings. Today I know that physical cravings disappear within 72 hours but emotional issues and coping skills linger and require addressing.

I use Reflexology to assist the body to rid itself of toxins and return to balance. I use Hypnotherapy to create calm and suggest confidence and increased motivation. I use FasterEFT and coaching skills to change perception about complex coping skills learned over many years, formed to keep us safe.

If you would like to transform your health and well being, consider the offer of my support to help you to feel happy, healthy, powerful and in control of your life using this Hypnotherapy and FasterEFT combination on offer for the month of October.


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