Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Faster EFT

Tapping Therapies

TFT was created by Roger Callahan an American psychologist. While he was studying applied kinesiology he connected tapping acupressure points with changes in emotional states,( initially a lady with a water phobia) .

Gary Craig studied his systems and changed them to a universal tapping system called EFT.

Robert Smith again added change by including neuro linguistic programming and other elements he had studied. I have all three forms of tapping and include elements of all in my sessions.

Our meridian system transports thoughts to our organs and causes physical change. Tapping breaks that connect allowing changes of behavioural patterns and dis-ease to happen.

If you think of someone or something that you love-see it , feel it or know it, then ask yourself where do you feel it in your body. Everyone is different depending on personal experiences, therefore someone may feel it in their heart while another in their stomach.

A session lasts 2 hours and minimum of 3 sessions is preferable.

A practitioner does not need to know client’s circumstances as issues can be addressed with a title word. We work with the subconscious mind, changing the automatic patterns you no longer need.